Port Terminals

We provide technical support to the main port terminals in the region, supporting the port equipment area in updating and optimizing systems and spare parts for STS, RTG, ASC, RMG cranes, MHC mobile cranes, Reach Stackers, tractor-trucks, among others; we offer specialized services such as commissioning of cranes, assembly of Reach Stackers & amp; forklift, after-sales services, attention to equipment failures, equipment appraisal, etc. Our experience in the port market of more than 20 years positions us as a great ally to guarantee greater reliability in your equipment.


We are an ally in technical support for mining companies providing solutions for the optimization of heavy equipment parts such as homologation of sensors and encoders used in draglines, shovels and drills, supply of steel cables for shovels, bridge cranes; control levers, cabs and braking systems, LED lighting for vehicles and conveyor belts, as well as explosion-proof for underground areas or with the presence of gases, systems for measuring volumes of solid material, couplings for power transmission shafts, electric motors suitable for extreme temperatures and environments with particulate matter.

Steel Industries

We supply state-of-the-art technological solutions for the steel industry, such as motors for rolling mills, encoders for position and speed measurement in rolling mills and mills, braking systems for overhead cranes and ball mills, as well as conveyor belts, conveyor systems. electronic control such as levers for command stations, resistances, devices for remote control of overhead cranes, supply of cabins with heat resistant glass, air-conditioned with filtering system, among other solutions.


We offer solutions with LED lighting for use in high mast to illuminate parking decks. Our PHOENIX LIGHTING MERIDIAN series reflectors integrate intelligent lighting control systems that allow greater savings in consumption and program the ignition by defined times and areas.